First, I just got some excellent photos from my mom that they took on their trip to our cabin in Diamond Lake over Presidents weekend.
Here are my parents in front of the cabin standing at the second level. They don't seem to be too worried about the issue of the door being buried at this point.
Here's mom looking classy as she glides effortlessly across the Lake on her skiis.
Dad looking hip as he sports a backwards hat and sunglasses.
This is the chunk of ice that fell off of the roof. It has been explained to me that "it sounded like a bomb went off!" when it fell.
Digging their way into the cabin.

Now, for Dave and my President's Day weekend trip. We went to Denver where we got lost numberous times, spent way too much money, Dave used the word pretty about 25 times to describe the scenary and we watched a very off-broadway show of Beauty and the Beast. Shrek it out.
We saw wild life. I believe we saw herds of deer on numberous occasions. We saw birds, elk, that's all.
Here we are trying to pretend like we've just really enjoyed the first half of Beauty and the Beast. We could have been the actors.
After the show, we were able to take pictures with the "actors". Instead, we took pictures from afar. I know they just look like normal people, but i think that's Gaston and his sidekick in this picture.
On our way home we saw all these cars parked out on the lake.
So we got out of the car into the wind and cold and stood out there for about 1 minute. The ice looked to be about 5 feet thick. But you never know with those things. Ya know?

So now you decide. Who lives a more exciting life: Us, or my parents?


Chris and Sarah said...

Wow. You guys are sure living it up. You saw GASTON????
PS - that "chunk" of ice was the size of a mobile home, and it could not have just fallen off the roof. Where in the heck is that cabin? That's insane! Come visit Hazel Dell. You know you miss it.........


Thanks for posting all those wonderful pictures - it was so great to see your smiling faces. We love you and miss you. XO ~ Mom