smile, play, roll, fall, crash, boom, cry

Adelaide rolled off the bed. my fault. fortunately, she is fine and happy, in one piece and still a total diva. Live and learn.


5 months later

Dave and I went to the Wilco concert a few weekends ago and now I can't stop singing "Remember to remember me, standing still in your past, floating fast like a hummingbird..." Dave had a wonderful time, and apparently this photo below made a lot of Dave's dreams come true. 

Also, Dave got Adelaide a Wilco onesie to sport for this momentous occasion. She kind of looks like a boy.

In Adelaide news, she can now hold on to something and stand up! Don't believe it? It's true.

I mentioned in my previous post the Adelaide loves to scratch things. So I decided to clip her fingernails against her will. As I clipped the third fingernail it flew away from the finger and landed IN MY EYE. Serves me right. 

Beka -  I like your wordless Wednesday posts, I might try something like that. hope you don't mind that I'm stealing your idea.


2 Favorite Past times

Adelaide is practicing two things: trying to crawl and scratching things. Last night she scratched me so hard repetitively on the wrist I contemplated her motive... Video below shows Adelaide practicing her two talents. Enjoy


our lives to date

Adelaide is now a mostly happy 5 month old babe. She smiles, laughs, squeals, growls, grunts, poops, farts, cries, kicks, flails, rolls, reaches, grabs, pulls, sits up, scoots, squirms, plays, and makes Dave and I happy every single day.

She swings in stlye

She tries to crawl/cries
She plays....

We just pretty much love her a lot.