Charles and Nikki

My mom sent our local newspaper (The Reflector) a picture of Dave and myself and included a little write up to announce our engagement. Although we did some proof-reading before sending it off, it appears that The Reflector did not. Either that, or I really am marring someone named Charles Dorr.
We'd like to give credit to Barbara Olson who was kind enough to supply us with this photo after doing a photo shoot for Dave and I at Sarah and Chris' wedding : )

On a side note, Phil went to Aspen this week to visit Dave and Ben and amongst all the fun, got Dave sick. If anyone out there has a heart, please send Dave your heartfelt get wells, as he is in need of a little sympathy.


Smell This, Weird Airport Guy!!!

So in the previous post, Nik made it sound like we had the perfect weekend. Yeah, I guess it came close, but because of the incidences described below, I left the Northwest with mixed memories.

1) Right after Nikki tasted my beer at the BLR on Saturday night, she looked me straight in the eye with a sour expression on her face and told me that the taste made her want to cry. Well, Nikki, that story makes me want to cry.

2) At the Aspen Airport, there was a terrorist. He was a middle-aged white man who stood 7 feet tall, had me by at least a hundred pounds, breathed quite heavily, and went well out of his way to repeatedly smell me. Thats right, big, onimous whiffs in between statements like "wow, that is great cologne, what is that?" and "no, really, that can't just be Old Spice deoderant." That was Friday, and four days later, I have yet to put on deoderant.

3) Nikki refused to let me drive her 2000 Red VW Jetta that has a vanity plate that says "NIKSTER". The car has a manual transmission, and at the age of 22 and 3/4, I am becoming increasingly self-conscious of not having achieved competancy on a stick shift. Nikki knows this, and she did a great job of prolonging my suffering.

All things considered, Team Dikki got the job done this weekend. Our next adventure together will be in Colorado in the near future. Speaking of Colorado, I have seen bears in the Aspen City Limits on 5 of the last 7 days I have been in town. I try and keep my wristrocket close by.

XO, Dave


Dave visits Oregon

Dave came to sunny Salem to visit his truely this weekend. I picked him up Friday night and we hung out until Monday morning at 5:15 AM when I dropped him off at the airport. We dined, we chatted, we watched a movie, we saw family, and we are in love. The pictures may speak better.

Here we are having our first date in three weeks. I went big and hit up Newport Bay. We were sat infront of a lovely painting that would have made a perfect puzzle.

Dave and i enjoyed a day at Riverfront Park where we tanned, ate watermelon, played frisbee, and looked at magazines. I was the only one in a bikini. and there was a child's birthday party going on. I should have thought that through...
Dave and I after eating at the Best Little Roadhouse.
Best looking couple of 2007? probably.
Last, but not least. Dave and I rented a movie from McDonalds. For only a dollar!! Here's Dave getting a steal of a deal on Blades of Glory in his new outfit he bought earlier that day at the Salem Center :)
All in all, we had a fun weekend. Got to see his parents, his immediate siblings, and that beka chick. We also took a drive up to Washington and stayed with my family. Now all we have to do is wait 3 more weeks and we can do this all over again. Only in Colorado. I miss you, baby!!

ps. Sorry i got a little carried away with the new picture layout i discovered.


A picture is worth a thousand words...

...and coincidentally, it only took one thousand credits to beat Battlestar Gallactica at the nickel arcade. No biggie.