Sex update!

Dave and I are so excited to share with you all that we are going to be the parents of a baby GIRL in April!! The doctor says everything looks perfect. All body parts are present and in the correct place. 3D photos to come at the end of the month. WOOO HOO!!!


Happy Christmas Month!!

Dave and I cut down a Christmas tree from the wilderness that is Basalt, CO. After 2 hours of searching, driving, hiking, huffing and puffing Dave and I found our tree! Oh it was beautiful. A Blue Spruce, perfectly shaped and ready to be decorated. Then we read our rules and regulations of the forest service: #1 No cutting down the Colorado Blue Spruce. LAME. Instead, we found a Fir tree that is a little special. It smells wonderfully Christmasy and looks just spectacular. I couldn't get the video of Dave  chopping down our tree (3 inches in diameter) with an axe courtesy of Phil, but I found this picture of him taking some practice swings.

Our Tree!

In Baby news, the baby is kicking me. It feels a little like popcorn...for now. We will post again in 1 week to let you know if Baby D is girl or boy!!


Holiday Activities

Today we received our long awaited bed frame. As "we" (Dave) prepared to take on the task of assembling the bed on this Halloween day, we started to get into the Holiday spirit. We cranked the itunes onto Pandora station "Christmas song", read the story Santa's Moose over breakfast, Christmas sweatshirts made an appearance, and Elf magically appeared on our TV. To top it off, snow! :)

Moose, resting up for our big Holiday evening.

Dave seems puzzled by the larger puzzle at hand.

I didn't do too much helping

Because Dave obviously had it under control.

 In other news, I have received requests for a photo of the bump. Here is my tummy at 16 weeks of growing a baby. Thanks for being interested in our lives!!


160 beats per minute

We had a baby appointment today. As much as we wanted to see that little bun in my oven, they didn't let us. Instead, they put cold goo on my belly and pushed a doppler around until they found the babies heartbeat. 160 bpm. Doctor said normal heart rate is 120-160. Which means ours seems a little on the high end. What does that mean? We have a few possibilities:

1. The baby is beginning its lifelong habit of pushing boundaries, shattering limitations, and going where no baby has gone before.

2. The baby just finished 10 laps around my uterus.

3. The baby is really excited for December 15th when we get to find out if the baby is a he or a she!


it's a boy, no - it's a girl, no - it's an alien

Just had our 11 week appointment where we got to see our baby again!! We saw him/her turn around and move his/her little arms and legs, and just be all around adorable. The heartbeat is still the best sound in the world. If anyone knows how to get that as a ringtone, hook me up!

Here are some photos of our little bundle of nausea.

If you look closely in this picture you can see a "leg"?

This is blurry. Can you see the face a little?

That's my baby bump. sort of.


Thanksgiving feast

Last night I dreamt about a Thanksgiving feast. Unfortunately, instead of stuffing there were refried beans, and instead of turkey there was sausage. So, to make up for the Thanksgiving nightmare, Dave and I spent the day making our own little Thanksgiving dinner.

Grocery shopping: 30 minutes
Prep time: 40 minutes
Cook time: 3 1/2 hours
Dinner: 30 minutes
Time for dinner to make another appearance: 1 minute

The meal

How Dave felt about the meal

How I felt about the meal


It's really happening!!

So, something finally happened since we bought that keyboard! That's right, a fetus.

Even though the baby is tiny and adorable, it feels like a monkey jumping on a trampoline inside my stomach. all day. Due date is April 13th, 2010. More updates to come as we know more. So far, week 7. Hoping to feel better, starting.........NOW!


88 Keys from the World's Greatest Wife




That's right. I came home and found a tasty weighted-key piano setup waiting for me in the living room. Total surprise from the Nikster. She is the best.

Van Halen anybody?
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I think it's safe to say that no improvement was made on my finger by day two.
Did I mention I'm accepting sympathy gifts?



I was trying to live up to a good housewife/hostess standard when this happened:



spring has sprung

It's been about 3 months since we blogged last but it was only because nothing blogworthy has happened. Until this: