Teaching reflection

Some stories:

*Dave, Moose and I were invited over "to play and spend the night" at one of my students house, by one of my students while I was teaching a math lesson. To entice me, I was assured that she could "make a really cozy bed for Moose".

*One student was grabbing himself "down there" and I asked him if he needed to use the bathroom. His response "No, I just have an itch on my penis".

*While modeling a writing activity and telling a story about taking my dog on a walk, a student piped up and said "so that's how you're so skinny!" (it really boosted my self-confidence. Seeing how the day before, a student touched my belly and asked why it felt so big. I told him it was because I did lots of sit ups. Convinced him it was all muscle. He was very impressed.

In other news, Dave and I have found renters for our Condo and will be moving up valley into a new condo in 13 days!! The best part, you have to have a security code to get in. No burglars.

More to come.


We've been invaded

The Dorr homestead in Colorado has been broken into. Only things taken belonged to Nikki. If you see her wedding band on craigslist, give us a call. Cash reward