An update for our fans

First off, Dave and I are now residing in different states until December (thought it would be more dramatic than just waiting to see the Bride until she walks down the isle). The family I nanny for was kind enough to supply me with two webcams and I decided to give one to Dave, so although we can't be in the same place, we can still see and talk to one another. We have yet to try it out.

Okay, on to the more important aspects of our lives...

Dave and I did go through with the condo thing. 1. because it was the cheapest thing we could find and 2. dave needs a place to live sooner than later. So, Dave and I will be living in Carbondale, CO. For anyone who wants to drop by unannounced, there is a spare bedroom for you with your name on it.

As for wedding news, we have booked a photographer, a florist, the places, and I found my dress this weekend!!! Things are looking up...


Carbondale Condo Conclusion Coming soon...

This is the living room. I guess that's about all I can say about this one.

The long and narrow hallway that leads to the guest bed and bath and the master bed and bath. What I wish we would have gotten a picture of were the framed E-bay awards they had all along that hallway.

Hidden beneath the rainforest of plants you can see a glimpse of a wood fire place that may or may not be there. Only time will tell.

This picture may look pointless to the unobservant eye - but look closer and you see a strange collection of string on the lip of the ceiling. I am clueless as to what that is about. But I'm curious.

The kitchen. Notice the classy wallpaper on the back wall. That's gonna be fun for Dave to take off. Also note: the white rice is cooking right at the front of the picture. Fate?

Yesterday Dave and I visited our potential condo and snapped pictures of everything, with plans to change it all. The best thing about these pictures is that the family living here hasn't moved out yet, so now everyone who visits our blog can see into their lives. I just hope we got a picture of the white rice that looked like it had been cooking since last week.
More information for those who requested it. This condo is located in Carbondale, very close to main street. We have to decide if we want it by the 16th of this month. If we go through with it, Dave can begin moving in and renovating the first week in October.


possible future home for the future Dorrs

I used the term "home" loosely because as you can see from the photo, this is not one huge, odd home or a dormitory, but actually a single condo within this building. We went under contract yesterday to buy and are pretty sure that with a lot of updating and paint to mask the smell of the rice that the family living there previously cooked nightly, it will eventually be more home-like. Upside? only one, somewhat small guest room so people you don't want to stay too long, won't.