We're still alive....

Blogging is hard to keep up with! We do, however, have something blogworthy to write about.

Adelaide Grace Dorr was born on April 11th! We pretty much love her a lot and want all our family and friends to meet her. A trip back to the Northwest is in the works for some time this summer so we can introduce her to everyone.

Adelaide doesn't do much besides eat, sleep, and go to the bathroom. But, she does make these events entertaining in her own way.

Bathroom: It is difficult for Dave to change her without her peeing all over herself. She waits until he has everything clean and ready for a new diaper and then tee tee's all over new diaper, clothes, and herself. This is a lose, lose for everyone involved.

Sleeping: She wakes up tooting and grunting. She falls asleep as she alternates between a smile and a pout.

I am lucky enough to spend all day/night with Adelaide. Dave, however, is back at work and misses her like crazy. As soon as he gets home he cuddles her up in his big hands and smothers her with kisses. If he's not holding her, he is taking enough pictures of her to trigger a seizure :)

We love her a lot and are excited to see her grow and change. Hopefully we blog enough so you can all see her grow and change too!

                             Adelaide at 1 day old

Adelaide at 13 days old