What does this face say to you?????


Grammy and Grandpa visit

Fudgesicle Baby


Fingerpainting disaster

I really thought that Adelaide would enjoy squishing around in the fingerpaints. Instead, she acted like such a diva and cried as soon as she got it on her hands. She was throwing a full on tantrum when I put her foot in it...Oops!! :)
 Cleaning off in the bath kind of made her happier. But not really. 


Wordless Wednesday


Happy Birthday, Adelaide!!!

Adelaide turns one today! We had a fun party yesterday with babies, presents, food, balloons, and everything pig! I'd basically been planning this party for the last year - here are some photos...

Adelaide helping Grandma put the balloons where they should go

So excited for her party!

Attempting to get all the babies in a photo. Adelaide didn't feel like sitting still

Very delicately eating her cupcake

Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!! We love you to the moon and back a million times over.


Mission Accomplished

Step one: Observe target

Step 2: Begin climb

 Step 3: Accomplish goal. 

Step 4: Face plant off. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of that. 


March already?

Grammy and Grandpa came to visit over President's weekend. Adelaide had a great time spending time with her grandparents playing, going to the park, and snuggling.

Adelaide checking out Grandpas beard

Grammy and Adelaide snuggling. Sometimes Adelaide thinks that face is funny to make.

Dave's parent's helped us out to get Adelaide a high chair. We didn't know what to get, so Jake and Beka steered us toward this one. Adelaide wasn't so sure about it when we first put her in it...

But she came around :)

I'm pushing hard for Adelaide to be a "girly girl" but no matter how much pink and ruffles I dress her in she just keeps doing tomboy things: like climbing up the fridge. 

Earlier today I discovered that Adelaide really likes being in the sink. Who'da thunk?

And lastly, did I mention yet that she moves ALL the time??

So I guess this kind of confirms that nothing else is going on in our lives aside from Adelaide. Sorry we don't have more interesting lives, people.


183, 184, 185...

Either Adelaide was counting the wipes to make sure there really were 192 in each box, or this is a really fun game for a 10 month old.

Here are some sounds she likes to make when she is doing something she isn't supposed to be doing.


Happy Birthday, Chris!

In honor of your birthday, I'm going to eat all of these cookies. 



When David went to the store the other day I asked "Will you please get me some food I can snack on?" He came back with something called 'GO LEAN'. 

1. Not a very subtle hint, David.
2. Not tasty. 



Today marks 10 months for Adelaide. This means in only 2 months she will be one year old. What the heck?!


Adelaide the Laundress

Adelaide tried to help me with the laundry today. She took over the role of throwing the clean clothes onto the dirty floor. Nice work, baby. 


Wordless Wednesday


Happy New Year!

We had a great time visiting family and friends for the holidays and are now back home ringing in the new year. To celebrate the new year, I made a collage of Dave and Adelaide. She just loves him.