To answer your question....

Yes, dave and i are still planning on getting married Sunday. So...I guess we'll see you there.



Today is Dave's 23 birthday for those of you who didn't forget (oops). So in honor of him, I have put together 23 pictures of him for everyone to enjoy.

I love you, Dave!!! Happy Happy birthday


Thankful....that Christmas is coming!!!

Well, Thanksgiving happened. Food was eaten. Games were played. Fun was had. And of course, pictures were taken. I've picked a couple of my favorites:

Now - on to Christmas. It is fastly approaching all of us with only 28 days to wait. So I think it is only fitting to make a Christmas acronym.

C is for Christ. obviously.
H is for Happy because everyone loves getting presents.
R is for Receipt so you can return things you didn't want
I is for Iceskates in hopes that the pond will freeze
S is for Santa because who else could be a better example of Jolly?
T is for Thanksgiving because that is before Christmas
M is for Money because Christmas is so expensive
A is for Another 365 days until Christmas 2008
S is for So much good food

The first tree of the year for me...


Oh Coldsore

Upon my lips
A coldsore sits.

It's red
It's sore
It's gross
And I don't want it anymore

Im applying Abreva
I'm popping pills
Anything to help
This thing kills.

It is't glamourous
But it is true
And don't you laugh
Cuz it could happen to you.

The end.


9 days to thanksgiving

For those of you who didn't know (and i'm assuming that's most) I got a single wisdom tooth pulled this weekend. I didn't want to be put under, for obvious reasons, but that was a mistake. Here is how my Saturday appointment went: First, Dave calls and gets me all riled up with talk of some poor planning "I" did for the wedding weekend. Next, I go to my appointment and pretty much freak out. So before they even do anything, I'm crying. I'm shaking, I'm scared, they numb me. That does little to calm my nerves if you can imagine, so they decide to hook me up to some laughing gas. Then they start the surgery. So I'm laying there with huge sunglasses on to protect me from the light, a tube strapping me from the nose to the back of the chair that I have to breathe out of and I'm watching the whole thing happen in the reflection of my dentist's glasses. Mid-surgery I start to hyperventilate and I'm crying all over again and after a little while the surgery is over. So, if you're thinking of having oral surgery without being put out, learn from my mistake. This is the injury. Slightly swollen. But the real reason for posting this picture is the light blue fleece. I learned this weekend that when I'm sick, I don't like to change my clothes. I pretty much lived in this fleece from Friday night to Tuesday afternoon. On a positive note, this temporary handicap gave me the opportunity to do one of my favorite things: a puzzle!!!

You can't really tell from the picture but it was supposed to be a 1000 piece puzzle. Unfortunately, it only turned out to be 997.

Earlier in the week I received further proof that I need a puppy. This happened when I went to babysit and they surprised me with yet another little one i could watch. A 6 week yellow lab. You'll want to see the pic, so here it. *sigh*
I thought I would throw this picture in for good measure. Michael (my oldest brother) got pretty dirty at work on Monday and proceeded to go to the gym with my dad like this so he didn't have to shower twice. In Dave news, he spent the weekend in Denver visiting a couple of his friends from College I think. On Sunday he was supposed to go to his first ever hockey game. Boy was he excited. So you can only imagine how disappointed he was when plans changed and he was left alone, with no hockey tickets in a big city. He enjoyed dinner and a movie solo and then crashed at Ben's friend's house. So to answer your question, yes, Dave is still living the dream out in Colorado. He'll be in town next Tuesday and we are so excited to see everyone again for Thanksgiving!



it's about time

Little has happened since the last post. But, there are a few highlights:

First? Halloween. My roomie and I went trick or treating as a blackberry and a blueberry. After an evening of taking candy from houses, the week continued with a visit from our very own David Dorr. We wined, we dined and we lived it up in Washington for the weekend. In 2 days we fit in: a night out with nat and julia, a trip to salem, cider weekend in vancouver, Nat and Julia's adorable puppies, engagement photos, trip to seattle to see grandma, pit stop at the lake house to see the fam, a quick shopping spree in woodburn, and a 4:30 am wake-up call to go to the airport where Dave and my dad were on the same flight out to Denver. Here are some pics:


David and Nikki get festive

We missed the Dorr campout this weekend (which I heard was all the rave) to play scrabble, garage sale, carve pumpkins, and shop for furniture.

Depends on who you ask, but Dave lost pretty badly in scrabble
Just some treasures we picked up at a garage sale.
Nikki's pumpkin
Dave's pumpkin Us relaxing next t0 our new lamp


Happy Birthday, Doug

This weekend I flew to Colorado (courtesy of the wonderful Barbara Olson) for Dave's uncles 40th birthday party....and to see Dave. I was thinking of writing something witty and fun to sum up the weekend, but I think the pictures speak for themselves.


Charles and Nikki

My mom sent our local newspaper (The Reflector) a picture of Dave and myself and included a little write up to announce our engagement. Although we did some proof-reading before sending it off, it appears that The Reflector did not. Either that, or I really am marring someone named Charles Dorr.
We'd like to give credit to Barbara Olson who was kind enough to supply us with this photo after doing a photo shoot for Dave and I at Sarah and Chris' wedding : )

On a side note, Phil went to Aspen this week to visit Dave and Ben and amongst all the fun, got Dave sick. If anyone out there has a heart, please send Dave your heartfelt get wells, as he is in need of a little sympathy.


Smell This, Weird Airport Guy!!!

So in the previous post, Nik made it sound like we had the perfect weekend. Yeah, I guess it came close, but because of the incidences described below, I left the Northwest with mixed memories.

1) Right after Nikki tasted my beer at the BLR on Saturday night, she looked me straight in the eye with a sour expression on her face and told me that the taste made her want to cry. Well, Nikki, that story makes me want to cry.

2) At the Aspen Airport, there was a terrorist. He was a middle-aged white man who stood 7 feet tall, had me by at least a hundred pounds, breathed quite heavily, and went well out of his way to repeatedly smell me. Thats right, big, onimous whiffs in between statements like "wow, that is great cologne, what is that?" and "no, really, that can't just be Old Spice deoderant." That was Friday, and four days later, I have yet to put on deoderant.

3) Nikki refused to let me drive her 2000 Red VW Jetta that has a vanity plate that says "NIKSTER". The car has a manual transmission, and at the age of 22 and 3/4, I am becoming increasingly self-conscious of not having achieved competancy on a stick shift. Nikki knows this, and she did a great job of prolonging my suffering.

All things considered, Team Dikki got the job done this weekend. Our next adventure together will be in Colorado in the near future. Speaking of Colorado, I have seen bears in the Aspen City Limits on 5 of the last 7 days I have been in town. I try and keep my wristrocket close by.

XO, Dave


Dave visits Oregon

Dave came to sunny Salem to visit his truely this weekend. I picked him up Friday night and we hung out until Monday morning at 5:15 AM when I dropped him off at the airport. We dined, we chatted, we watched a movie, we saw family, and we are in love. The pictures may speak better.

Here we are having our first date in three weeks. I went big and hit up Newport Bay. We were sat infront of a lovely painting that would have made a perfect puzzle.

Dave and i enjoyed a day at Riverfront Park where we tanned, ate watermelon, played frisbee, and looked at magazines. I was the only one in a bikini. and there was a child's birthday party going on. I should have thought that through...
Dave and I after eating at the Best Little Roadhouse.
Best looking couple of 2007? probably.
Last, but not least. Dave and I rented a movie from McDonalds. For only a dollar!! Here's Dave getting a steal of a deal on Blades of Glory in his new outfit he bought earlier that day at the Salem Center :)
All in all, we had a fun weekend. Got to see his parents, his immediate siblings, and that beka chick. We also took a drive up to Washington and stayed with my family. Now all we have to do is wait 3 more weeks and we can do this all over again. Only in Colorado. I miss you, baby!!

ps. Sorry i got a little carried away with the new picture layout i discovered.


A picture is worth a thousand words...

...and coincidentally, it only took one thousand credits to beat Battlestar Gallactica at the nickel arcade. No biggie.


An update for our fans

First off, Dave and I are now residing in different states until December (thought it would be more dramatic than just waiting to see the Bride until she walks down the isle). The family I nanny for was kind enough to supply me with two webcams and I decided to give one to Dave, so although we can't be in the same place, we can still see and talk to one another. We have yet to try it out.

Okay, on to the more important aspects of our lives...

Dave and I did go through with the condo thing. 1. because it was the cheapest thing we could find and 2. dave needs a place to live sooner than later. So, Dave and I will be living in Carbondale, CO. For anyone who wants to drop by unannounced, there is a spare bedroom for you with your name on it.

As for wedding news, we have booked a photographer, a florist, the places, and I found my dress this weekend!!! Things are looking up...


Carbondale Condo Conclusion Coming soon...

This is the living room. I guess that's about all I can say about this one.

The long and narrow hallway that leads to the guest bed and bath and the master bed and bath. What I wish we would have gotten a picture of were the framed E-bay awards they had all along that hallway.

Hidden beneath the rainforest of plants you can see a glimpse of a wood fire place that may or may not be there. Only time will tell.

This picture may look pointless to the unobservant eye - but look closer and you see a strange collection of string on the lip of the ceiling. I am clueless as to what that is about. But I'm curious.

The kitchen. Notice the classy wallpaper on the back wall. That's gonna be fun for Dave to take off. Also note: the white rice is cooking right at the front of the picture. Fate?

Yesterday Dave and I visited our potential condo and snapped pictures of everything, with plans to change it all. The best thing about these pictures is that the family living here hasn't moved out yet, so now everyone who visits our blog can see into their lives. I just hope we got a picture of the white rice that looked like it had been cooking since last week.
More information for those who requested it. This condo is located in Carbondale, very close to main street. We have to decide if we want it by the 16th of this month. If we go through with it, Dave can begin moving in and renovating the first week in October.


possible future home for the future Dorrs

I used the term "home" loosely because as you can see from the photo, this is not one huge, odd home or a dormitory, but actually a single condo within this building. We went under contract yesterday to buy and are pretty sure that with a lot of updating and paint to mask the smell of the rice that the family living there previously cooked nightly, it will eventually be more home-like. Upside? only one, somewhat small guest room so people you don't want to stay too long, won't.


When and Where? We're glad you asked.

That's not us. Just a pic. c'mon.

We've picked a place and a date.

Place: Laurelhurst Church (Portland)

Reception: Adrianna Hill Grand Ballroom

Date: December 16, 2007



Booyah Engagement!!