Christmas is coming!!

Dave and I have had some requests for pictures of our new condo, so I have taken some to put up only because we finally have something to blog about. CHRISTMAS IS ALMOST HERE! so, in the honor of Christmas....

My parents and my brother, Matt visited us for Thanksgiving and left this morning after 5 days that went way too quickly. They were a little like the 3 wise men bringing with them many gifts. Dave and I scored an extremely generous amount of Larson honey and some tasty banana bread to go with it. They brought me some much needed bowls courtesy of crate and barrel and my mom made me a beautiful quilt for our guest bedroom (picture to follow). Dave, my brother and I skied Snowmass mountain for a day, we played many games that often turned a bit inappropriate thanks to a certain guest. Dave and I are so thankful you guys came to spend the holiday with us. We love you. Mom, you have all the pictures from your trip here so I'll have to get them from you so I can post a couple photos of what we did during your visit. But alas, photos of the condo.