This morning Dave and I woke up, got ready for the day, he left for work and just as I'm about to head out the door, he calls and tells me the Roaring Fork School District is closed. So...first day of classes: cancelled. For the occasion, I shall update the blog about our roadtrip.

We left last Friday morning at about 6:00, and at around 7:30 Dave and I began a list of things that we learned along the way. Here is the list:

Things Nikki learned:
1. Sun rises as approximately 7:30 am in December.
2. Interstate hwy. #'s are built on a system - even goes E-W and odd goes N-S.
3. The jetta can hold more than you would think.
4. Bridges are icey because air is moving underneath them.

Things David learned:
1a. You have to hold the handle on the air pump in order for air to pump into the tires.
1b. Quarters don't grow on trees.
2. Don't teach the teacher.
3. One spray of aqua diegio is plenty.

Here are some pics of the fun-filled 24 hour trip.



Two things I learned from your post: 1. I thought quarters DID grow on trees. and 2. What is aqua diegio?

Chris and Sarah said...

Tell Dave to save his maranatin' for the chicken.

The Drakes said...

so sad we missed your wedding, guys, but thanks for the honeymoon report! looks like it was RAD! (my new years resolution is to say rad more often). hat's dave holding in that picture? send your email address to us at kurtisdrake@yahoo and we'll invite you to our exclusive blog. yes, we blog. my brother says mac users are obligated to do so. love to you coloradoans (?) kja